Monday, October 11, 2010

NFL: Brett Favre Cries....With Teammates.

Tears. That's what they're saying. Brett Favre reportedly cried while surrounded by his teammates during a very emotional apology.

According to Pro Football Talk and Vikings kicker, Ryan Longwell, Brett is sorry for being a distraction.

"I need you guys to carry me tonight," Favre told the Vikings, according to Longwell. "I'm ready to go out there and give it my best, but I don't know what's going to happen."

Meanwhile, another woman has surfaced, alleging that Favre made passes (incomplete ones, from the sound of it). 

As far as we know, Brett has neither confirmed, nor denied any of the allegations. Did you know his wife very nearly kicked him to the curb over his antics with other women in the past? Deanna wrote about a particular instance in her book, Don't Bet Against Me: Beating the Odds Against Breast Cancer and Life. While Brett played for Green Bay, she recalled walking into the room and hearing Brett on the phone with a woman he had been calling.  It was then she told him it was over; that she didn't deserve to be treated in this manner. Brett begged her not to go.  It was the wife of Green Bay's QB coach that changed Deanna Favre's mind; she told Deanna, "Don't leave or Brett will end up killing himself."

Time will reveal all, I suppose. Wonder if he cried for his wife and children the way he cried for his teammates.


  1. I make no appologies for the man. He is scum for cheating on his wife...along with Tiger and all the other high profile celebrity cheaters. I guess my question is why does it shock people that this is happening?

    I know you are a football woman...and that you probably respected him prior to this...but come on. Women throw themselves at these men. I mean literally throw themselves at them. How many men are really going to say no to that every time? It would take a saint. I know I may be jaded about men's ability to be faithful...but let's be honest. The only reason the "good guys" still look like "Good guys" is because they haven't been outted yet by the women they cheat with!

    I'm sure there are some...but they are rarer then we all think...that haven't cheated. I know there must be men out there who will say no to every single groupie...but it's the exception not the rule. Why does it still shock us when we learn about these women?

  2. When we found out Bill Cosby has cheated on his wife, and had a child, no less, I pretty became not surprised anymore by anyone cheating. This is a terrible way to think, but I'm tired of being disappointed in people. Really--stop the stupid texts and phone calls and stay home with your wife--or get a divorce! That these people are caught is not surprising--they are using cell phones, email, and texts that can be kept and spread around!

  3. Stupid celebrity men. When will they learn that the women who are throwing themselves at them are just biding their time for their 15 seconds of fame? They only stay quiet for so long and then BAM. Apologies for the fact that they got CAUGHT.

    I am no longer surprised when I hear of celebrity cheaters. What will shock me is how many times the wives let it happen and grin & bear it for the cameras. I praise the wives who don't "forgive" so easily and serve divorce papers the next day. Serves the men right.

  4. Jewels: That's exactly what I said in my "Rant on Cheating" post--I'm no longer surprised, and how said is that?! Oh, I'm well aware of how women throw themselves at celebrities and athletes. I knew a girl who chased baseball players; she had a friend who chased football players. I will never get it. Why don't these women have more respect for themselves?

    Still, if the man is single and wants to take advantage of a willing woman, that's his prerogative. If he's married or in a relationship...again it's a CHOICE. I really don't think it takes a saint to say "no" to these women...just a moral man--a man who knows right from wrong.

    ms. caboo: Bill Cosby cheated? Aw, hell, I didn't hear about that one. I tell you, it's getting harder and harder to keep the faith that I'll ever find a loyal man.

    J. Day: Yep, agree entirely. And I certainly wouldn't stand by his side if he cheated. Who deserves that? No one, man or woman. I still don't get why women throw themselves at men--if it's to seek 15 minutes of fame, don't they realize the type of fame they are receiving isn't exactly on the same level as Sandra Bullock or Kate Winslet?!!!! The women who throw themselves at celebrities receive 15 minutes of being called nasty names. Yeah, totally the 15 minutes everyone would want. *rolls eyes* Don't get it.

    And on the flip side, if there ARE any truly good, loyal-type guys in sports, be it football, basketball, NASCAR, etc., how do they know the woman they want to be with is a good girl not out for the money or the fame? It's a double-edged sword, I guess. I feel sorry for them as much as I feel sorry for women looking for true love. :(

    How on earth do I expect to find the real thing is this world?

  5. I hate to see you loose faith in the goodness of man. The average man isn't going to have the same temptation that these celebrities do. I know it's sad, and jaded, but it's my personal opinion that most men are always looking for the new "toy". A new car, new gadget, best blu ray player, best gaming system, and best woman. I just don't trust their ability to be faithful...not when they are basically hardwired to constantly look for what could be better. Again, just my view. I know to some it seems jaded but I prefer to think of it as realistic.
    Good men ARE out there...they just hide really well I guess, cause I haven't found any.

  6. I blame technology. There was probably just as much cheating going on 50 years ago, they just didn't have photo proof.

    I agree with Jewels. There are a few good men out there. I know some of them. But they are very hard to find. -J

  7. If the allegations about Brett are true, he deserves to get whatever is coming to him. I know celebrities think they are a step above the every day man, but that's due to this idol worship relationship we have with them. They're just people who happen to make a heck of a lot more money for doing something that may not be that critical to society.

    Anyway FV, don't give up. Loyal men are out there, you just have to look for them with a magnifying lens....

  8. I also agree with Jewels--the good men are out there. Mine works like a fiend, and is too tired to look at other women! I am so lucky to have him, and it took me until 35 to find him. He was always working, so we never ran into each other :) I thank my lucky stars every day to have a man with ethics and one who keeps his pants zipped-except around me.