Thursday, October 14, 2010

If Karma Is A B&!#$...

...then it follows that karma is a female, right? It would certainly explain yesterday's rather poetic happenstance involving one Brett Favre. 

See for yourself:

To be honest, I found this both amusing and sad.  Here we have a football icon writhing in pain and no one around him seems to care. How far he has fallen.


  1. oops, video no longer available.....:-(

  2. HAHAHAHA! That's fantastic. I went to youtube and found another version--man that's great to see. Karma's awesome. :P

    By the way, visit my page because I gave you TWO awards, that's right, TWO! Because you're two times awesome, duh. :D (Well, technically you already got one, but still!)

  3. Okay--here's another version. Let me know if it doesn't work. :)

    Aww, Jen! Thank you so, so much! You are too sweet!!!! Thank you!!!!

  4. LOVE karma. That's what you get, Favre!

    The sports designer decided to take vacation on the first full week of high school football, and I had to sub in for him. So I did the sports section for the second time EVER on a football Friday night. (Translation: 15 calls coming in on deadline. 15 stories coming in on deadline. 15 stat boxes to code on deadline. And the clerk was useless.)

    But the sports guy sliced his finger open after he'd gloated a bit about vacation. Actually, I think he sliced the tip off, but it wasn't enough that it needed stitching back on. End-of-the-summer vacation is no fun with a bandaged-up dominant hand.

    I told him it was karma.

  5. If it was really karma, it would have been an ax instead of a football coming at him.