Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Gripes (Sort-of An I Don't Get It Thing)

I'm bored and sleepy.  Let's gripe!

There are some commercials on the air today that really bug me. 

1. Tide (My mom HATES this commercial)--The mom who borrows her daughter's green shirt.  So, parents are supposed to teach their children to always tell the truth; parents expect their children not to lie. YET, in this ad, good 'ole mom lies to her daughter. Brief recap: Daughter asks mom if she has seen her green shirt; mom responds, "It's not really my style;" mom remembers wearing it on a girls' night out and spilling something on it; mom digs the shirt out, uses Tide, and cleans the shirt; the next day, mom comments to her daughter, "Oh, you found your shirt," when her daughter walks in wearing it; daughter replies, "Oh, yeah, it must have been hiding in my closet somewhere." The commercial ends with the mom looking pretty proud. Isn't that totally hypocritical? (Not to mention the florescent green top is just all sorts of wrong...not a florescent fan, unless it's on a sign).

2. (Not sure of the brand...Apple, maybe?) There is a commercial out now where everyone in every situation uses a phone to make a decision for them: Girl tells a monster in her bedroom, "It says you're not real. Sorry;" etc. What? Really? Can we not figure things out for ourselves? Do we need a phone to make decisions for us, replace common sense, etc? Why don't we just find another brilliant technological advance to dumb down society and stifle imagination even more! Irritates me.

3.  What's with all the di&% drug commercials today? I don't need to watch a NASCAR race or football game in the middle of the day, on a Sunday, and see a constant stream of horny men with ED. Several things bug me about these ads.

A.  These commercials shouldn't air until after 11 p.m. Nobody wants to see those commercials, especially during sporting events. Imagine watching a football game with your son or daughter and having them ask, "What is ED?" Besides, let's be real here, if a man has ANY issue with his perky, he's going to Superman his way to the nearest doctor without ever having to see a commercial for di&^ drugs.

B.  Why do the men in the ads have to get some when the women are typically busy doing household chores? Laundry, painting, etc. Huh? I mean, really? What happened to romance? So, all we can expect is: "I'm horny, it's working, lay down, dear." Ick.

C. I always laugh at the men in the commercials wanting to get busy with their wives. Now, I'd like to believe a man would want to be with his wife upon getting the goods working again, but...look around! He may get it on with his wife because she is the there in the moment (his moment), but do you really think he won't want to share his rediscovered manhood with newer models? (I blame Tiger and Brett for this type of thinking.)

Speaking of #4...

Brett Favre: Well, he has admitted to sending the Playboy and former Jets' employee voice mails--you know, the booty calls--but denies any sexting (i.e. pics of his perky). Well, I guess he really tried to hook up with her. I feel so bad for his wife. What was he thinking?! We know what he was thinking with, but did he even think of his wife when he tried to bed another woman? 

Experts say that people forgive and forget; that if he would simply admit his wrongdoings and apologize, people would wrap their arms around him and forgive all.  Really? An apology after getting caught hardly constitutes an apology in my book. Like Tiger Woods, I will never be able to look at Favre the same way again. In fact, I can't even look at him. He turns my stomach, as does Woods. Maybe the vast majority of people will forgive and forget...I'm not one of them. Reckon that makes me an outsider...imagine that. :)

Okay, I'm done...until tonight...after the Cowboys play. Ugh. My stomach churns just thinking about it.


  1. Frisky...I laughed out loud when I read the thing about the TIDE commercial. I hate that commercial but not for the same reasons. I guess I never really thought about that, so you've just given me another reason to hate the commercial. It's just dumb. I can't explain it. LOL. Thanks for the laughs! Are you smiling yet???

  2. I hate the current Burger King commercials where everyone is stupidly singing.

  3. I have heard a penis called many things but never "the perky" LOL... oh gawd that cracked me up. My mother calls it, are you ready: "the do-in's piece". Have no idea how she came up with that one!

  4. I have a serious issue with scary movie trailors. I am a big baby when it comes to scary stuff and did NOT ask to see that! I'm watching a hockey game and suddenly a killer is chasing some chick and now I have nightmares! Thanks a lot A**holes!

  5. HAHAHA!! I have to agree with you on the ED commercials. TV or radio, I hear them and I hate them. I really hate it when I'm standing next to a guy at work and here comes the wonderful "penis enlargement" ad on the radio. Um, awkard!! LOL

  6. I know that I am overwhelmingly outnumbered, but let's not forget all of the years of feminine personal products.
    I can't stand the ED commercials either. What was the name of that penis enlargement thing? I have a friend who might be interested.

  7. I'll take the ED stuff over the political ads any day. -J

  8. I agree about the Tide commercial, the top is just so wrong for both mother and daughter, I can't imagine anybody would want to have it in their closet.
    The ED one gets on my nerves for other reasons. ED is a real condition, a medical issue, and should be treated as such. Now that said, why the h*^^ are they in the bathtub? Whether they're in the forest, on the beach or wherever, they're in two separate bathtubs. What is that supposed to accomplish?
    And yes, they never show the woman getting horny, only the man.

    The grossest one ever is the one about the penis enlargement? The woman on there looks like a skanky ho, those commercials should be only aired late at night

  9. Cinderita: :)

    George: Yes! Those are soooo annoying!

    Average Girl: ROFL! That's a good one! How on earth did she come up with that?! lol

    Jewels: Oh, I hate the scary movie trailers, too. I'm not much for super scary movies either. Ick.

    J.Day: I don't know if I've seen that one...if I have, I've clearly put it out of my mind. Ewww.

    Julianna: Oh, I HATE political ads!!! Totally agree! Still, it's a toss up which is the worst--political ads versus ED ads. Yuck.

    Alessandra: I agree, it is a medical condition, but they seem to make the ads more about being able to get some again, rather than the medical side of it, if that makes any sense. And, yeah, what is up with the bathtubs?!?!?! I don't get it. Okay, I've clearly not seen the enlargement ad, but I'm kinda glad I haven't. lol

  10. Seriously? When women are supposed to be doing house work? Have you met the 21st Century?

  11. Anon: Exactly my point. The women are usually portrayed doing the household chores, while the men waltz in and decide it's time to get it on. There are so many ridiculous aspects to those ads, it's not even funny.

  12. I HATE all those commercials too, for the very same reasons!! AGH!! WHYYYY?? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD?!?!

    *ehem. That's right, we're all a bunch of walking stereotypes. *rolls eyes*. *SIGH* it KINDA helps to think not EVERYONE is like that...kinda... ;D LOL.

    I can't stand Brett Favre. His flip-flop horse shit drove me up a wall before and now he's a man whore who doesn't give a crap about his wife to top it off. Awesome roll models in sports. Ugh.