Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why Wednesday: Why Not Sell Your Virginity?

Me: "What part of 'waiting for love' are you missing, here?"

Friend: "I know, I know, but I'm just could do pretty well selling it, probably."

Me: "You're seriously making my hair hurt."

Friend: "You know Millionaire Man? He would've kept you, probably. He wanted to buy you stuff, take you places.  He would've been good, know what I mean. He'd know what he was doing, no question.  He so wanted you. I would've been all over that."

Me: "Exactly what I've waited my whole life to be--a kept woman." 

Friend: "I'm just saying it's an option."

Me: "No, darlin', it's not an option for me."

Friend: "I'd want to sell it."

Me, laughing: "Well, that's you...not me."

Friend: "I know, I damn angel."

She meant well, I'm sure, but to me, selling my virginity is akin to prostitution. Not much difference there, at least not to me: money for sex. It would go completely against my beliefs, my desires, my dreams...everything.  I've read the articles about some women here in the US and in Europe offering their virginity to the highest bidder. Bidding for one very public virgin reached $3.7 million, supposedly. 

Call me crazy if you like, but no amount of money is worth compromising my soul.  To each his/her own, but I don't put a price on the person I am; I don't put a price on my heart. That's just me.


  1. Are you kidding me? Honey, you need new friends... Who says stuff like that? I'm with you, no price tag is worth your sanity. Now, if a guy's a great catch and he happens to have money, then that's a different story. Money can't ever trump love. Not in my world anyway. :) -J

  2. Take a couple of days and think it over. Then you'll know you need a new friend.

  3. With friends like that you don't need any enemies...

  4. I looked at this post title and thought, "Seriously?! This is a question?"

  5. I'm with Julianna - Where are you finding these friends? haha. I could understand it as a hypothetical conversation, with you each giving theoretical dollar amounts you'd sell yourself for. (I'm a guy - We have tons of stupid conversations like that.) But she seems quite serious about this!

  6. OMG, people sell their virginity? If only I had known . . . LOL Wow, I'm with the others, where do you find people that say such things?

  7. I think this is the best post I've seen all day! And I give your friend props for asking the question. People do this kind of stuff all the time... but you go girl. Stick to what you believe!

  8. People (friends) say crazy things when they are uncomfortable with whatever it is that they deem crazy or something they'd never do. Yah. Just chalk this up to one of those times. You're awesome! Just keep being that!!! xo