Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What If Wednesday: "What If He's Dead?"

Great. Thanks. Yeah. "What if he's dead?" This was the ever-so-thoughtful musing of a rather lofty acquaintance.  "Maybe your soul mate isn't even of this world. What then?"

I imagine the look on my face was something between dumbfounded and horrified. Now, I've joked about this before, mainly in the vein of that film, City of Angels, where Nick Cage (angel) falls in love with Meg Ryan (human)--beautiful and really, really depressing (you know if you've seen the film). So, yes, I've contemplated the idea, but it's always been fleeting at best and never really something I seriously considered...until Lofty Lee verbally vomited all over my chicken Cesar salad.

"Sooo, what if he's dead?" asked Lofty Lee.

She sure isn't giving this one up.  "I really don't know. Maybe he'll come come back or reincarnate within someone else currently living. How's that?" I said, half joking, half ticked.

"Well, by the time he reincarnates, you'll be ancient, according to my beliefs on reincarnation," she said, far too seriously. Lofty Lee is very...literal...or scientific, take your pick.

"Ah, well, there you go then. I'll live a long, loveless life with nothing but my Marc Jacobs' bags to keep me company." This was my attempt to subtly end the conversation.

"Yes, speaking of those...don't you think they are a little overpriced?"

Well, isn't she a peach.

Did I mention she carries a Prada (not a knock-off)? Yeah. 

I'm thinking she's trying to start a battle of the designer handbags. I decided to take the high road...sort-of.  

Clearing my throat, I asked, "Do you happen to have change for a hundred?" I knew she would have to place her Prada on the table, out in the open.

"Of course," she said, digging through her Prada for her wallet.

"Really nice matching Prada bag and wallet," I said casually...and genuinely (they were gorgeous). 

Her face turning a truly embarrassing shade of  red, Lofty Lee coyly replied, "Oh, yes, thank you."

No one shames Marc Jacobs or my handbags...or suggests my soul mate might be dead.


  1. If your soul mate is dead, then you weren't meant to have a soul mate. Sure, you'll marry and fall in love with somebody, but it won't feel quite complete. It will still be good and excellent and all that, but you'll always feel something missing. So fret not, you'll find somebody for sure in this lifetime... whether its your soul mate or not. And I don't know what you believe in, but I believe that your soul mate is not necessarily somebody you marry. It could be your bestestestest friend of the same sex. I've given this a lot of thought!

    And Lofty Lee sure ain't it.

  2. LOL..... well at least she knows who Marc Jacobs is... I walk around proudly showing off my Cole Haan bag and people could care less, this is what happens when you live in a town where people marry their cousins and have third nipples...

    Your funny darlin... And I needed that giggle today!

    And don't you worry about it, I often use to think that my soul mate was not in this life time either. Did I ever tell you that I did eventually meet my soul mate, I knew instantly, he knew instantly, there was no mistaking it, but we were on two different paths in life that were going away from each other instead of towards each other, and it wasn't right. Hard to explain. Then I met my better half, not my soul mate, but better than my soul mate and I would not trade him for my actual soul mate in this lifetime..

    Cheers darlin xxoo

  3. I hated City of Angels. I was mad at Meg Ryan because she can do so much better than Nicholas Cage, fictional or not. At least your friends are honest... if kind of mean. Nice Prada move, though.

    That said, I don't really believe in soul mates. I mean, the grew-up-in-Presbyterian-Sunday-school part of me thinks that God prepares two people for each other. But while there are definite chemicals-firing situations and butterflies and all that, loving someone is ultimately a decision. Once you see all their flaws and annoying things they do, you have to say, "Do I love him enough to ignore the fact that he occasionally pees in the shower?" (And dear Lord, some days it's hard to make myself say yes to that question. I mean, the toilet is RIGHT THERE.) You have to make a decision to love the person unconditionally, forever.

    Once you make that decision and live with it for weeks, months, and (I assume) years, you get to the point that you couldn't see yourself with anyone else. I think that's what soul mates really are. I think you have compatible personalities that grow into each other's souls. To me, that's much more romantic and intimate than hoping stars align.

  4. I am not sure one person has one soul mate but who am I, and who is Ms Lee crushing your dreams and what for? I say date everyone, carry whatever purse makes you and your pocketbook happy and love yourself!

  5. Oh Dear God. Your soulmate is not dead. He is just not ready for you yet. That's what I tell myself. and frankly, we are all meant to be loved and to love and I choose to believe that. I love the conversations you get into though. Imagine if you weren't you? What would you talk about then? LOL..xoxo

  6. Nice.

    City of Angels was a bit sad, but still an excellent flick.

    And, he's not dead... he's just not. OK?


  7. I laughed at the very first line of your post! What if he's dead? They are never dead! Sheesh, everyone knows that!

  8. LOVE the Prada move. I can learn so much from you, Obi-Wan. LOL

    And being that I'm practically perpetually single, still waiting for my soul-mate to come along - I think I'd slap my friend if they kept that shit up. What a way to be a Debby-Downer.

  9. I used to think there was only one person for each of us--the absolute one and only soul mate. I have changed my opinion to think that we all have people who come in and out of our lives for a reason (sometimes to just piss us off!) and to learn a lesson. While I don't think Bud is my soulmate, I believe we were meant to be together this time to finish an interrupted life together from another time. He is the love of my life, but we are very different and I have no desire to meet anyone else. He makes my world a happy place, and keeps me on my toes. More than enough for me! And your friend sucks eggs :P

  10. I don't get the purse (and shoes) thing with you gals.