Monday, October 25, 2010

The End Of The Cowboys' Season

I'm fairly certain the end was already here, but when your QB gets knocked out of the game with a broken collarbone, you are officially done, signed, sealed, and delivered. Tony Romo is out for potentially 8-10 weeks. Now, you know I've been pretty tough on Romo. Then again, many lifelong Cowboys' fans feel the same way, and experts like Super Bowl winning head coach, Tony Dungy, as well as former Cowboys' stars, Tony Dorsett and Charles Hayley. I'm not alone in how I feel.

Thank our defense and special teams for the 20 points; Romo didn't have to do much, apart from not turning it over.

Now we have 38 year old John Kitna in at QB. Apparently, he's in there because he is seasoned and experienced.  Some would argue he is indeed losing. Bless him, I really don't envy his position, but fans do not want him in there to carry their team. We're about to go 1-5, the season is gone, why not take a chance? Throw in your underdog, Texas A&M QB, Stephen McGee. What do you have to lose? Give the kid a chance--see what he can do! He just might give this team a much needed shot in the arm (they already have a shot in the foot).

For now, I'll watch them self-destruct. They've given up. It's deplorable, depressing, and embarrassing.  I can tell y'all one thing, if I could be down there, I'd have their butts in gear so fast it would make your head spin.

This team needs an overhaul, there is no question. Should this team go 1-15 with the on-paper talent they have, perhaps Jerry will look back to the 1990's and realize the formula that worked...the formula that put the fear in every opponent we faced...the formula that won us Super Bowls and made us the team of the 90s. 

I want my old Cowboys back.


  1. I saw the Romo headline when I checked my email this morning and my heart sunk for you.
    Seriously...they need another Aikman, Emmitt duo in there to bring it back!

  2. :( It was a rough night. Not sure any fans have comprehended what has happened this season. It's just a complete disaster.

    I miss Aikman. I really do. I felt so secure with him as our QB. I don't feel the same with Romo. Emmitt, Troy, Michael--the triplets. Sigh. Those were the days. Oh, I'm so sad. :(

  3. Oh jeez. :( That IS rough. I'll second the Aikman comment. ;)