Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Women Live In A Fantasy World"

Interesting. Bit chauvinistic. This came from a married man.  His wife told me of their conversation.

Here's a recap of their conversation, as relayed to me:

Wife, while watching last night's game: "Ugh, I can barely look at Favre."

Husband: "Why?"

Wife: "Why?!?! Uh, because he possibly cheated on his wife! Because he might have sent pics of his penis to some cheap girl who posed for Playboy. Because he's MARRIED!"

Husband: "Oh, that."

Wife: "What, you don't think it's a big deal?"

Husband, shrugging shoulders: "Not really."

Wife: "You think it's okay to do those things to your wife...to break your vows?"

Husband: "He just sent some pics and tried to hook up. They didn't actually hook up."

Wife: "I see, so as long as he didn't screw her, it's okay to act like an immoral slime.  No harm done, right?"

Husband: "He's a man. That's what men do."

Wife: "What if his wife had sent pics  of her privates to some guy? What if she was caught trying to hook up with some men? Is that okay, then?"

Husband: "Absolutely not. Like I said, it's a guy thing. It's different for men."

Wife: "I see. Well, this is enlightening. Wish I had known you felt this way before we married."

Husband: "Movies."

Wife: "Beg your pardon?"

Husband: "Movies distort a woman's perspective on what real life is all about. It's not a fairytale. Men don't make these overly romantic statements of love or s*&^. Women live in a fantasy world." 

Wife: "Frankly, dear, you men could learn a lot from watching one of those movies your despise so much."

Husband: "Why? What could I learn? It's all fake."

Wife: "It doesn't have to be IF men would watch and learn...you could make it a reality."

Husband: "Who would want to? It's more fun to watch you women prance around your fantasy world."

Nice, huh?  This coming from a man (one of far too many, in my opinion, I have either known or heard about) who expects women to be hairless, but never shave; have a flawless face, yet not wear makeup; have a fabulous figure, yet not need to workout; look fabulous in clothes, but not spend money; have a healthy appetite, but never gain a pound.  And WOMEN live in a fantasy world? Really?

Men like this winner could learn a great deal from a romantic film; his wife is absolutely right--men can make the romance a reality...all they have to do is try.

Personally, I think we should be entitled to watch a romantic film and hope there are actually men out there who would say, feel, and do the endearing little things portrayed on screen. How dang sad is it that men like "husband" want to make women feel like fools to even hope for the fairytale? Why is it such a stretch? I'm not settling. Why should I? Why should any of us?

I told "wife" that if she would like for me to talk with her husband about this, I'd be more than happy to; she laughed and said, "Oh, I would pay to see that! He wouldn't know how to handle you! I'd revel in it."

Stay tuned...


  1. No! Husband did not really say that!!! PIG!!! It wouldn't be fake if he meant what he was presenting. If he loved his wife and really meant it, he would do more romantic things for her to KEEP HER!!!


  2. Reality sucks. Rom-coms are funny and make you feel good. I opt for the "fake" world in which we women live. I, too would like to believe that are men in reality that would do things like they do in movies. It's not wrong to expect "real" men to have respect for their wives. The guy friends that I have, I know for a fact that they would frown on what Favre did. They respect the women their with, and wouldn't do something like that to them. Favre is dick for thinking he could get away with it.

  3. Makes me want to go home and kiss my better half... Luckily for me, and absolutely no exaggeration in the slightest, my better half walked right out of the movies... He's a really awesome guy and he gets ribbed about it all the time from his so called friends, and he just says the same thing each and every time: "I love Tracy, there's nothing I wouldn't do to make her happy!"... Yup, going home to kiss him! Keep your expectations up there, there are men who are absolutely fabulous! There really are! smooches darlin!

  4. Sounds like this husband needs a re-adjustment or two. There are men out there that live up to our fantasy world expectation sadly most women dump them to run after the "bad boy". I think wife needs to put an "ex" in front of it and find her a real man!

  5. I agree, this husband needs an attitude adjustment. I can't believe his wife lets him get away with it. Thankfully, not all men are alike, my husband said Favre is really an a** if he did what they said.

  6. That's bunk...And makes me feel happier about my husband and me. Every day I feel more blessed that we don't fill the male and female stereotypes the rest of the world seems to adopt so earnestly. My husband actually hates how men act. Thinks they're slim. ;)

  7. What a total jerk! I wonder if husband and wife are still together....

  8. Most men are pigs. Some women are bitches. It's too bad that those two groups don't have an exclusivity to one another and leave the rest of us alone.

  9. . . . and yet, he has a wife. So she must like pigs, eh.