Thursday, October 28, 2010

Old Ghosts Resurface

First, let me apologize for falling behind on reading blogs.  Maybe I'm weak, but when either one of my parents gets so violently sick that they can barely breathe, it takes every fiber of my being to stay strong. My parents mean the world to me-- I can't stand seeing them sick...I can't even handle the thought. I just always want them to be happy and healthy. Please know that everything is getting better, but it has been a rough couple of days.

Old Ghosts Resurface...

I did want to share something y'all might find interesting...sure as heck shocked the you-know-what out of me.

Ghostly spirits are said to have easier access to the living during this time of year. What I failed to realize was the impact Halloween has on living ghosts...the kind you don't expect to hear from again...the kind that leaves a message on your phone...the kind that is supposed to be living his happily ever after. 

I know one thing...this happened sooner than most thought. What a treat (meant sarcastically) he is...or a trick...or both. Haunted at Halloween...who would have thought?


  1. I hope everything is ok with your parents.

  2. Glad your parents are getting better...

  3. Ditto x 2 on the parents. If the ghost that resurfaced is not to your liking, you can always call ghostbusters....

  4. Thank you all--things are better. I just can't handle seeing either of them unwell.

    Alessandra: Do you have that number, by any chance? lol

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  6. Glad to hear your parents are on the mend!

    And to the "old ghost" - I like the Ghostbuster idea. I'm sure there's a website. lol I am currently having some issues with my own "ghoul" so I can understand your pain there. Hope that gets resolved quickly for you!

  7. Glad to hear your family is OK. I'm the same way with my parents. I don't know how many hours I spent crying while my dad was having a valve repair at the Cleveland Clinic and I was off at school because my mom didn't want me to miss class. I'm at (lame, but my other e-mail addresses have my full name) if you ever need anything or just to talk. Being alone for that surgery made me realize how hard it is to say, "HELP ME! I'M WORRIED, AND I NEED FRIENDS, AND I'LL GO CRAZY IF SOMEONE DOESN'T JUST COME SIT WITH ME!"

    Unrelated... I'm really curious about The One That Wasn't resurfacing and can't wait for you to update us on this.

    Big hugs...

  8. Hmmm. Wow. I'm with Rebekah; I'm really curious about The One That Wasn't.

    Ditto about the big hugs, too. :)

  9. Sorry your folks were not doing well, but glad to hear they're better. I went through all kinds of trauma with mine over the years and it is just gut-wrenching. Both are gone now, but they were older and they lived wonderful full lives. I just miss them. Sure I always will.

    I definitely need to hear more about this living ghost.... Please, do tell.