Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award!!

I was so honored to find that both J. Day at The Ramblings of Charlie Brown and Jewels at Turning 30: A Journey of Self Exploration awarded me with The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you both so very, very much. These awards mean the world to me, as corny as that may sound. Truly, I am always stunned to receive one. I'm such a dork sometimes. Anyone who hasn't visited J. Day and Jewels, you really have to when you get a chance--they have amazingly entertaining, thoughtful, funny, and thought-provoking blogs.  You will not be disappointed.

Here are the rules in accepting this award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave me this award. (see above)
2. Tell everyone 7 things about myself
3. Pass this award to 15 other bloggers (I'm changing this one to 9 because of time constraints). 
4. Contact the bloggers that I picked and tell them about the award (I may have to do this over the course of a day or two)

7 things about myself:

1. I love doing dishes, but HATE when people stack dirty dishes on top of dirty dishes--that just means I have to wash the top and bottom. And, yes, I know that's why God invented dishwashers, but I still feel the need to have them nice and clean prior to going through the machine.

2.  Germ-a-phobic. Yeah, I use waterless hand sanitizer wherever I go. Actually, I have a small travel bottle for each handbag, including one for the car. Touch a menu, use the hand sanitizer; touch a public sink handle (which I try not to do), use the hand sanitizer; if you are sick and shake my hand, don't be offended, but I'm breaking out the hand sanitizer. People USED to think I was nutty, but when I rarely got colds, they started catching on and now can't do without the stuff.

3.  "Look, mom, no cavities!" I've never had a cavity. *knock on wood*

4.  I LOVE BBC America programming. Seriously, everything from Extras, The Office, Gavin & Stacey, Coupling, to Torchwood, Doctor Who, and Primeval.  However, I may walk around with an accent  for a while saying things like, "That's immense!" "Tidy, " and "Brilliant!"

5.  I LOVE the holidays--Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter--everything. Christmas is my absolute favorite--the music, the films, the decorations, and just that wonderful Christmassy feeling.

6.  First date curse: I have one.  It's like I have this incredible ability to make a complete and total a** out of myself on a first date, particularly if it's some fancy ordeal. Don't believe me? Let's look at an example: After being hit on in front of my date by our waiter, I nervously flailed my fork and sent a juicy piece of chicken to the floor. The splat sound was surprisingly loud...or maybe it just sounded that way to me becasue I was utterly mortified. The snickering around us was, however, quite loud. Later, while walking to his car, I slipped on some ice, sending us both to the cold, hard, snowy ground. I don't think he stopped laughing for a week, though he seriously wanted to go back and punch the waiter.

So, I absolutely INSIST on the first date being something low-key--I don't care if it's an arcade, a bowling alley, picking up some take-out and playing video games, or watching a movie--so long as it's a place where my idiocy will blend in when the first date curse kicks in. The absolute best place for me on a first date is probably a sporting event--what better place to blend in than with a bunch of fans, many of which are either partially clothed, wearing inexplicable costumes, or covered in body paint, screaming their fool heads off?

7. I LOVE to beat the system--to me, that means buying on sale. Yes, I'm a handbagaholic, but I have NEVER paid full price for my bags. Not once. I watch the sales carefully; I know when the luxury stores have their sales...I know when they add extra discounts and have free shipping.  For me, it's a game that I have to win. I feel proud when I find a heck of a deal on something that was originally nearly double (or more) what I paid.  Even if I had Paris Hilton's bank account, I would shop the sales. You never have to pay full price for fashion.

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Please feel free to do with the award what you like. I understand everyone has time constraints, so please don't feel that you have to pass it on--just do what you want. :)


  1. Why thank you, frisky virgin! It is always a treat to receive a blog award. As a new blogger, it certainly makes my day!

  2. Oh wow! Thank you so much FV! I am most humbled and deeply flattered. And a huge congrats on yours too! You absolutely deserve it. I love to read your posts. They always leave me thinking and usually with a big grin on my face. Way to go! Now for the seven things about myself? I'll have to really think about that one.

    Peace and Blessings,

  3. OMG I thought I was the only one who washed dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. LOL I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone!!

    And Dr. Who - I fell in love with that show earlier this year. David Tennant is my favorite Doctor so far, even if he DID play a bad guy in Harry Potter. LOL

  4. HEY!!!!!!! I have never had a cavity either (neither has my brother)... That's right no braces either. Save my parents mucho moula. We are like stepford children... LOL

  5. HEY! You gave me another award!! :D You're so nice. ^_^ Thank you so much, Frisky. :) You're some sort of wonderful, I gotta say...

    If memory serves me (which is probably not true, ha), I've only had two cavities in my whole life and no braces. I don't know about you, but at this point I keep thinking "hmm, wonder how far I can go..." so it's like a race to see how long I can go without one. Haha. I'm a dork.

  6. Ms. Caboo: You are very welcome--you deserve it! :)

    Martha Ruth: Aww, you are so kind! The 7 things took me a while, too. lol

    J. Day: The idea of a dirty dish going into the dishwasher makes me gag. I don't trust the machine to remove everything. lol David Tennant is by far my favorite Doctor, but the new fella is really, really good as well.

    Average Girl: LOL--I can so relate.

    Deviled Megs: You are very welcome!

    Jen: Oh, yeah, I am so to the point of challenging myself to keep everything as perfect as possible. lol