Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Surprise, Surprise--Spitzer's Show Sputters

Well, apparently we're not the only ones who were appalled by the idea of Eliot Spitzer getting his own talk show.

The ratings were not good in comparison to rival news networks.

Critics openly roasted the show:

New York Post--"freak show unbearable to watch;"
The Guardian--"wretchedly unwatchable;"
Baltimore Sun--"a load of obnoxious, self-important noise." (see link below for further information)

Had I been in Parker's shoes (unfortunate for her having to sit opposite him)--and had it been a live show--I would have ignored the teleprompter, ignored the script, and kicked off the show with a simple question to Mr. Spitzer: "If I may, why do you think, after disgracing your family, your state, and yourself, you deserve to be sitting where you are tonight...on this program, giving advice and commentary...on this station? Just curious..."

Bet that would have ignited something...

Anyway, take a look here, if you want to read about the train wreck that is the Parker/Spitzer show:
Spitzer's Show Sputters


  1. And I have a feeling that those were the "nice" reviews. LOL