Monday, October 4, 2010

I REALLY Don't Get It--Eliot Spitzer ,The T.V. Host (you don't have to pay) & Snooki, The Author

Eliot Spitzer: Disgraced governor of New York; forced resignation after being caught with prostitutes; used an unbelievable amount of money on such activities; cheated on his wife, broke her heart; ruined his political career; oozes everything unethical, immoral, and just plain eww.  CNN, however, has decided to give this "upstanding" man a talk show, co-anchoring with a conservative WOMAN. 

What kind of message does this send to children? To women? To his family? That you can engage in illegal activities, pay a woman to have sex with you, lie, break your family, disgrace your state and yourself, and find yourself rewarded with a talk show on one of the most upstanding news stations on the air???? Please, spare me the whole "it's his private life and it's none of our business." It most certainly is our business when the man is in the public eye, representing New York State, and possibly using funds to buy himself pleasure. Now, I know he is not the first, and I dare say he won't be the last, to engage in this kind of activity, but to AWARD him with a TALK SHOW ON CNN?!?!?!?!?!!?

Some say they don't care as long as he presents his facts accurately.  Well, ya should care. You should.  If this is the absolute best we can do as a society, then we've got some problems.

I don't get it.  Really, really don't get it. What the he*& is happening here, folks?

Oh, yeah, and Simon & Schuster has signed Snooki (circa MTV's Jersey know, the one who gets drunk and pukes, gets arrested, etc) to write a novel about a girl trying to find love on the Shore. Apparently, they think it's a great idea to have her write a fun novel that teens and young adults would want to read. Way to go. 

Maybe I am naive, but.....I. Don't. Get. It.


  1. I totally agree. It seems that the only thing the media is interested in is finding the lowest possible denominator in human nature, cause it sells. I guess CNN found theirs. I,for one, will not be watching. Thank God for National Geographic and Discovery channels!

  2. Eliot Spitzer looks like a pointy-faced dog, and no one in their right mind will read a book by Snooki--especially if it has "yous" on every page. The dumbing down of America continues! I'm going back to reading Wolf Hall. I may get a bit lost in some of the novel, but there are no "yous guys" in it! And Henry the 8th just chopped people's head off; he didn't give them talk shows.

  3. Snooki can read?!

    Simon & Schuster, I'm disappointed. They have been leaning more in the nonfiction direction lately, but... Snooki? Really? Ugh.

  4. Hey FV,

    Great blog! I love your definition of yourself! Stay on this path as long as you feel the need to. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks about the decisions you make for yourself. Your opinion of you is all that really matters.

    As far as Spitzer's new gig is concerned?? I totally agree. What is CNN thinking?

    For those who say it shouldn't matter what he did/does in his personal life, I say BS. Any politician with half a brain in their head knows that when you become a public servant, your personal or private life becomes exactly that... public.

    If I'm watching the news and/or commentary, I want to feel that the person I'm watching possesses integrity. Eliot Spitzer wouldn't know what integrity was if it bit him on the bum!

    And Snooki?? Please don't even get me started. Let's just say that you couldn't find anyone less qualified to be a roll model for anyone of any age if you tried. What a joke!

    Take it easy and stop by and say hello anytime. I'll be doing the same here!

    Peace and Blessings,

  5. Spitzer is a total creep, but he has a lot of credibility when it comes to economics and going after the Wall Street investment firms, which is why CNN scooped him up, I imagine. Still, it seems like an odd move to me.

    ... At least he has good taste in his escorts. The girl he was paying is easily the most attractive of the women caught with prominent men, at least vs. Clinton, Rick Pitino and others.

  6. I don't get it either! You'd think that more people who say something about not rewarding him like that!

  7. Obviously there was no other person they could think of for this job (reread that with your sarcasm voice). They did the same thing here at one of my favorite talk radio stations, WGN.
    They fired people who did a great job and hired a guy named Jim Laski. He was convicted of bribery and obstruction while he was the City Clerk.
    I think that sometimes they do it just to get people upset and talking about it.

  8. Totally agree, 100%.
    Being a New Yorker myself, I (and thousands of others), have wanted to string that guy up by the shoelaces since he was in office. Frieken jerkface.

    Giving him a show now is like telling all our children "Hey, it's OK to be whores and disregard the people who love and/or respect you!"

    Hot diggity dog! :D <--Note the sarcasm. lol

  9. I notice the time of my comment says 7:18. That means you make your home on the sunny west coast?? O_O

    Because otherwise it would mean I'm going crazy and we all came to work way too early this morning. :P Which yeah, my break's over. Boo...

  10. I got an award and passing it on to you!
    check it out

  11. I definitely don't get Snooki either. For me, she's in the same category as Paris Hilton.