Friday, October 22, 2010

From A Yankees Fan And A Proud Texan

Only moments ago, I watched the Texas Rangers advance to their very first World Series, and I couldn't be happier. In fact, I'm in tears. This may sound very odd coming from a lifelong Yankees fan, but I'm first and foremost a Texan. How could I not be happy?

My daddy introduced me to the Yankees when I was teeny tiny. I heard all of his Yankees' stories, admired all of his baseball cards he collected as a little boy. The Yankees have been around a long, long time; their history is unparalleled. Compared to the Yankees, the Rangers are practically a brand new franchise.  As a little girl, my parents took me out to see the Rangers play. They taught me to love the Yankees, and embrace my Texas team.

So, as I sit here, tears filling my eyes, listening to them play a proud Texas country song in celebration of their first World Series appearance, I'm embracing my hometown team. If I had to see the Yankees lose to anyone, it would be the Texas Rangers. I'll miss seeing the Yankees in the World Series, but you can bet your bottom dollar every Texas-fiber in me will be fiercely willing those Rangers to their first World Series win.

Congratulations Rangers, y'all played like, bring it home.


  1. I think it's great that you take such pride in your home team! I'm obviously a born and bred Yankee fan, but since you are my friend, (and the Rangers earned it)if I can't root for the Yanks in this series, I'll officially root for the Rangers, Deal?

    Martha ;~)

  2. Martha: Sounds good! Go Rangers!

    Steve: Ah, spoken like a true Red Sux fan. Oops, I mean Red Sox, of course. ;)

  3. THANK YOU!!! :D

    Lifelong Yanks fan here, too, and I felt the SAME way. I was SOO happy for Texas. They totally deserved it. It was like a Cinderella story. I love the Yankees, but like you said, they've been around a long time and have their "evil empire" already. I'm glad that Texas won. I think it was actually kind of a honor to lose to a weird "student" is now the "master" kind of way. Not saying Texas looks to Yankees for advice or anything..Er, you get my point, right? :P

    (Yeah, Red Sux fan indeed, it seems. :D )